How it works


Upload 3D model

After one-time registration,
select your desired product and
send the associated data as part
of the ordering process.


3D print of the data

The uploaded STL-fi les will
be printed with liquid resin
into a 3D model - with a resolution
of 600 dpi and a layer thickness of 16 μm.


Delivery of the 3D model

The fi nished 3D model will be
delivered by DPD (in Austria) or
DHL (internationally). Keep track of
your order status on our website.

About us


Future-oriented and quality-oriented

Since January 2013 we have been off ering a large range of 3D printed products for the dental sector, which we continue to improve and expand.

Dentists, dental technicians and surgeons can easily order medical and dental models, drill guides and models for surgical planning.

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ZTM. Stefan Remplbauer

As a master dental technician with my own dental lab, I have always been looking for further education and innovative techniques in the medical sector.
Finding a possibility to produce high quality 3D models for the medical sector was the beginning for the company 3D medical print. It was founded in October 2012 and I now dedicate myself fully to this new technology.
Since there had been no one providing 3D printed model in this sector in Austria up to this point, I decided to invest in 3D printing in order to produce dental models made out of diff erent resins. With the company Objet/Stratasys, a pioneer in the domain of 3D printing, I found the right technical partner for our company.

Our Customers


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